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The Modern Sage Podcast

Leah Guy

The Modern Sage Podcast offers no-nonsense sage advice to support your spiritual and emotional health. Beginning Season 4, Ep 1, Leah shares her personal story of living in a spirited, (haunted) house, and the deep transformation she underwent as a result of surrendering to the invitation to trust the darkness. She shares these stories as inspiration so the listener can relate to their own stories and inner darkness, and learn how to heal the ghosts of the past. 

In the first 3 seasons, Leah interviews  experts, authors, healers, musicians, entrepreneurs, celebrities and everyday heroes who know life's struggles, and sharing ways they've learned to be inspired and heal. The focus is on emotional healing and mental health with a good dose of secular spiritualism mixed in.  

This series is hosted by author and intuitive spiritual teacher Leah Guy. Her aim is to make visible the reality of hope, to welcome change and transformation while acknowledging our humanity so that we can grow into whole, happy and satisfied people.