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How to Get Out of Survival Mode

February 07, 2024 Leah Guy Season 5 Episode 93
The Modern Sage Podcast
How to Get Out of Survival Mode
Show Notes

Survival Mode - we hear about it but aren't sure if we're in it. 

Survival mode is a trauma response. When we are burdened with the stress of life or past experiences or trauma, or if we have generational trauma in our families, we may have learned how to survive, but not much else.

Many people are living in survival mode. The anxious state that is overwhelmed and cannot be present or available for new experiences, feelings, spontaneity or true relaxation.

Leah covers the symptoms of survival mode, as well as how to get out of survival mode and heal. 

Some of the highlights are:
Desire to feel numb
Stuck in fight, flight or freeze
Being overly reactive
Having anxiety
Inability to focus

What is the opposite of survival mode? The ability to relax, be available, have resources on hand to pivot without panic, to authentically enjoy one's surroundings and simply being alive.

Leah shares some of her favorite methods to move beyond survival into a place of present moment living through somatic therapy, sound healing, yoga, movement for healing, meditation and more. 

Listen in and be inspired. Oh, and Leah shares another story about the house - but of course! 

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