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Mindful Practices & The Quantum Collective with Donald Altman

March 22, 2023 Leah Guy Season 3 Episode 73
The Modern Sage Podcast
Mindful Practices & The Quantum Collective with Donald Altman
Show Notes

From trauma recovery, transcendental meditation, healing, traveling, and mindfulness practices, spiritual awareness and healthy eating, Leah Guy discusses these and more with 20x author Donald Altman.

In today's society, even the every day activities like texting and scrolling, can speed up the mind, cause us anxiety and keep us in a stressful state. Donald and Leah talk about their tools for mindfulness, ways to stay grounded, and bridging the gap between mindfulness and spirituality. 

Donald gives us insight into The Quantum Collective, the connection of all being in the past, present and future, as portrayed in his new work, Travelers. 

Disordered eating has been a focus of Donald's work, as well as his most famous book, The Mindfulness Toolbox and others focused on mindful living helps us understand the importance of staying centered in one's life while making the best choices for our optimal health. 

Donald Altman is an award-winning author of over 20 books, a psychotherapist and former monk whose work integrates ancient, timeless practices into our modern lifestyles. He has taught thousands of professionals in healthcare, mental health and business how to find resilience, wholeness, healing and joy.

His new novel Travelers is an inspiring journey about overcoming loss through hope, healing and spiritual renewal. Find his work here.

Leah Guy is a spiritual teacher, author and speaker. Find more about her here. 

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