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Trouble Silencing Your Monkey Mind?

February 01, 2023 Leah Guy Season 3 Episode 69
The Modern Sage Podcast
Trouble Silencing Your Monkey Mind?
Show Notes

Welcome to season 3 of The Modern Sage Podcast - where you can be inspired and informed to live a life that you love.

Leah is talking with Dr. Betsy Holmberg, psychologist and researcher, about what the monkey mind really is, why it offers us such challenges (and criticisms) and what we can do to tame this part of our brain, which Betsy has named the Tribal Brain.

Sharing her personal story about loss, depression and suicidal thoughts, Betsy has personal experience in managing the mind and mood in relation to life's challenges, as well as the skills to understand and use effective tools that can make a positive difference.

We discuss
* the power of mindfulness
* how science and spirituality can complement one another
* tribal brain (neuro default network)

Betsy Holmberg ran the global behavioral health service line at McKinsey & Company, a premier consulting firm, where she ranked in the top 5% of all consultants.  In her previous incarnation as an academic, she worked at Harvard and co-authored several peer-reviewed academic journal articles on non-suicidal self injury and suicidal thoughts.  She is trained in Cognitive-Behavioral and Dialectical Behavioral therapies, and has treated clients of all ages and presentations.  Betsy received her doctorate in Psychology from Duke University, where she also graduated Phi Beta Kappa. You can find more about her here. 

Leah Guy is an author, speaker and spiritual teacher. You can learn more about her work here. 

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