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The Inner-Peace Process with Healer Charles Clay

November 10, 2022 Leah Guy Season 2 Episode 64
The Modern Sage Podcast
The Inner-Peace Process with Healer Charles Clay
Show Notes

The simple reminder, that "this is happening for me, not against me," is a powerful and recurring lesson many of us face.  Turn being a victim into an empowered state of being, it's possible as we take on a new lens. Different then toxic positivity, but a full immersion to seek the growth and evolution through healing our very personal experiences.

These are the lessons and blessings of life's occurrences.
Charles and Leah , two healers from different modalities, talk addiction, healing, using awareness and other tools we have like breath, movement, and food to become self-sourcing for personal growth, emotional healing, and inner peace.
Charles' personal stories of a mother who committed suicide, severe body pain and injuries, and how he moved through these events with grace, while figuring out how to process emotions and honor the reality of these experiences for him is inspiring.

Charles is an Inner Peace Coach, Dynamic Speaker, Published Author, and the Founder of Freedom From Pain Coaching. Throughout his career, he's been able to see the greatness and potential in others even if they don’t see it themselves. Through emotional intelligence, and powerful Self-Healing practices, his goal is to guide you to step into your most empowered Self sharing your unique gifts, talents and passions with the world and eliminating the resistance and fear in the way.

To learn more about Charles, visit his website.

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Leah is an intuitive healer, spiritual teacher and author of 3 books including her latest, Overcoming Toxic Emotions; A Practical Guide to Building Better Relationships with Yourself and Others. 

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