The Modern Sage Podcast

Self-Abandonment; Notes on Healing

October 05, 2022 Leah Guy Season 2 Episode 62
The Modern Sage Podcast
Self-Abandonment; Notes on Healing
Show Notes

Self-abandonment is a form of sabotage that many of us have learned as a means of "survival" in our relationships. Once formed, it often becomes a negative pattern in our daily lives.

Self-abandonment is a learned behavior, which means we can unlearn the behavior.

We abandon what we want or need.
We lie to ourselves and others about who we are and what are our wants and needs.
We hide.
We people please.
We ignore our hunches, intuition, or inner guidance.
We criticize and judge our most vulnerable parts.
We become perfectionists to avoid ever satisfying or achieving success.
We run from our dreams, change courses to avoid success or positive results that help us feel good and purposeful.
These are some of the ways we abandon ourselves.

What can we do?

We can learn to sit with our feelings. We can show up for ourselves. We can learn to speak our truth. We can follow the callings of our hearts and trust the process. 

Remember who you are. 
Remember that you are carrying precious cargo.
You are here with a soul that is brilliant and wants to shine. 

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