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Notes on Healing - Signs

August 12, 2022 Leah Guy Season 2 Episode 57
The Modern Sage Podcast
Notes on Healing - Signs
Show Notes

Signs, signs, everywhere this, don't do this, can't you read the sign?

Many of us seek signs from God, the Universe and beyond to help us make decisions. To guide us in our days and give clarity. But there's often so much in the way that keep us from recognizing the signs that are there for us every single day.

I'd like to share a personal story about my accident last week, and the abruptness it created in my mind and heart.

We are often given subtle and dramatic signs, sometimes that feel wonderful and encouraging, and sometimes with some of life's "medicine" to reach our soul. This medicine is often of healing, teaching, guidance and deeper work that sometimes doesn't feel so wanted.

Some of the lessons I learned from my accident and the very impactful experience:

*Be gentle with yourself and others
*Love is the power that breaks through our own and others inner demons and blockages that help us connection
* Not just to listen, but to follow, my intuition
*Follow and heed the messages of the spirit world, animal totems, numerology and how it supports your life and reminds you of your strengths and places we need to strengthen
*Signs don't always come in the way we want or expect, but important nontheless

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