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Leah Encounters "Edward" + Confirmation from Ghost Hunters

November 29, 2023 Leah Guy Season 4 Episode 86
The Modern Sage Podcast
Leah Encounters "Edward" + Confirmation from Ghost Hunters
Show Notes

We're at the part of the story that becomes hard to believe, the synchronicities, the spirit activity, the confrontations - but for those who delve into the paranormal or not, Leah has it on recording! Plus, she has energy clearers "ghost hunters" or "spirit removers" over to the house to investigate and help cleanse the property.

TRIGGER WARNING: The live recording is from this Thanksgiving (last week) evening during the middle of the night. John recorded Leah in a confrontation in the dreamtime with "Edward" - and then helped her come to full consciousness. As Barbara remarked in our last episode, he will continue to try to enter, and he sure did. The audio is her pleading and battling Edward to stay out of her space and this house. 

Leah shares about vulnerability and how we have to be cautious with our physical, mental and emotional health when we are feeling tired, weak, ill - and also share some of the information given to her from the ghost hunters, Marcia and Marty from Mt. Laurel, New Jersey.

Also in this episode, you'll meet the young spirits trying to get Leah's attention, and what goes on up in the attic, as well as more information about the burial pit. 

It's a loaded 28 minutes, closing out with a sweet scripture from Psalms that Leah reads one night to the young girls' spirits who are afraid.  

Remember, Leah was taking notes of all her experiences while there after realizing something different was going on at this house, but she was not planning to share, podcast, write a script or otherwise during this time-period. The notes are real-time as best as can be remembered. 

Check out Leah's new website, for more about her work. 

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