The Modern Sage Podcast

The Journey of Awakening with Phill Webster

May 25, 2023 Leah Guy Season 3 Episode 78
The Modern Sage Podcast
The Journey of Awakening with Phill Webster
Show Notes

The journey of awakening is often a messy process. Stepping into our higher self, healing, connecting to our higher consciousness and developing our intuitive and trust skills can feel chaotic, energizing, scary, thrilling, confusing and overall like a roller coaster. 

In this conversation, Leah and Phill talk about the journey to awakening with the true stories of Phill from his new book, Letting Glow. 

We discuss:
how raising our frequency can feel like a mental break
dealing with grief
how to trust your intuition and develop 6th sense capabilities
what it's like seeing ghosts and energy in the spirit world

Phill Webster is an author, actor, and developing medium. After living abroad and traveling the world for twenty years, he returned to his native England in 2017 and embarked on an acting career. Most notably, he has worked with people such as Elle Fanning, Sylvester Stallone, Tom Hardy, and Benedict Cumberbatch, to name a few. At the tail end of the COVID-19 pandemic, an unexplained event, coupled with a devastating loss, sent him down a completely different path forever.

These events prompted a complete life review, and an exploration into the mystical, which culminated in the Amazon top of the charts book ‘Letting Glow’, and its soon to be released sequel, ‘Glowing Deeper’. In Book One, he documents his journey into mediumship, and sets out to de-mystify the mystical, making the unfolding and development of psychic senses accessible to us all. ‘Letting Glow’ delves headfirst into how we can connect with our highest states of intuition, manifest lives of purpose, realign the connection between our thoughts, consciousness, and our authentic selves, and ultimately, searches for proof that we survive physical death.

To find out more about Phill, visit his website.

Leah is an intuitive healer, author, speaker and spiritual teacher. To find out more about her work visit her website. 

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